Cursed Tour EP

by Flippin'Heck

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released February 1, 2017

Musiques et Paroles par : Flippin'Heck
Enregistré et Mixé par : Mik @ HemSi Prod (
Masterisé par : Alexandre Ayrault @ 2 Doigts dans la Prise (
Illustration par : Pierre Lahore
Music and Lyrics by : Flippin'Heck
Recorded and Mixed by : Mik @ HemSi Prod (
Mastering by : Alexandre Ayrault @ 2 Doigts dans la Prise (
Artwork by : Pierre Lahore




Flippin'Heck Toulouse, France

Depuis 2007, Flippin'Heck dépote avec un Punk Rock rapide et sauvage made-in Toulouse, distillant un son oscillant entre old'school et hardcore, entaché de quelques touches mélo.

Ces 5 rockers se retrouvent autour du punk, du bruit et des bières avec des influences allant du métal au surf, sans passer par la case musette.

Suite à la stabilisation du line-up et à quelques poignées de concerts ...
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Track Name: Cursed Tour
Decided to hit the road
1000 ks away
Few venues, we called
Anywhere to play.

A dodgy bar up north
2 mafiosi looking guys
Expecting a match
Not a punk bash.

Full to the brim
Bad sign for a tetris scheme
Never trust a rusty van
To bring die-hard fans.
The booze fuelled the tour
We'll be back for sure.

Cock-ups and mishaps are part of the deal
When touring and as cursed as we might feel,
Storms and breaking down won't stop us cruising all around.

Running out of luck
As the van broke down
Thought we'd get stuck
In a shithole town.

Back where we started
A second van
Smashed it, the tour ended
According to plan.
Track Name: Martians On The Beach
Woken up by a bloody headache
And no idea of the time
I was like a human wreck
A mad man

And suddenly a deafening guffaw
I opened my eyes and saw

Martians on the beach I saw *3
Martians on the beach

Looking all around what a mess
Only bottles on the sand
A nasty smell of Guinness
On my hands

As I’d already promised the week before,
I swear that I won’t do it anymore

Party on the beach no more *3
Party on the beach

Party on the beach no more *3
Pretty boozy party on that beach
Track Name: Kamikaze
In Paraguay, a group of farmers
Are fighting for the young and elders.
Pesticides and GMO
Compliments of Monsanto
Soy fields for miles and heavy spraying
Made kids go blind and cancer’s spreading.
Rising against the stranglehold
They sat in the land, put the tractors on hold.

Resisting against the U.S.A.
Can make them look like kamikaze.
Facing a giant yet powerless
Have to go all the way, they’re merciless.

United people’ll never be defeated
They hang tough however mistreated
They say no to a dictatorship
But of the iceberg, that’s only the tip.

We say no to Monsanto!

Stop G.M.O.!
Fuck G.M.O.!
Track Name: Zombie Munch
Got into a dark shithole
A rusty dead-end
A no man’s land
Where I stand
Not one living soul
When suddenly,
I hear a sound.

Maybe they can’t find me
Maybe they might see me
Smelling their pungent stench
Makes me wanna belch.

I’ve got to runaway
Or my body’ll decay
Zombies on my back
Won’t see my track.

Treading on a wobbly stone
Shivering to my bones
I stopped as it cracked
Shit! I’m trapped!
Zombies chasing me
Was that my destiny?
Now, they got hold of me.

Shaking them to get of there
They are everywhere
Their limbs falling
But I’m still fighting.
Saving my last breath
To Rest In Peace
My heart to pound cease.

I’ve smelt their pungent stench
And turned into a wretch
I’ve smelt their pungent stench
Me who they managed to fetch

Couldn’t find an exit
My flesh’s left to eat
I’m one of them,
We all look the same.
Track Name: Floating Stone
I’ve got to tell you about my problem,
But I don’t know what to say again,
Eating an ice cream or whatever,
That’s not a way to be clever,

A floating stone is what I need,
I’ve got to go to a Vulcano,
A floating state is what I need,
I’ve got to drink a Cinzano,

Everybody is feelin' so real,
It’s a thrill upon a hill,
Climbing inside and not feeling sad,
Leaving your daddy inside